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Over 25 years, we have built extensive experience and solid processes to deliver the right expertise. Your specialized consultants may be relevant for exciting new assignments that we offer every week.

emagine manages many comprehensive framework agreements in both the private and public sector. As our partner and supplier, you can gain access to assignments, large framework agreements, and new projects.

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Collaboration goes both ways

With us, you will not only be a supplier but a trusted associate.

We listen to you when you need assignments and new projects for your consultants. And we ask for expertise when a client needs assistance here and now. It goes both ways.

We follow up with you regularly, and via the supplier portal, you will receive information about new assignments within your area of expertise. When meeting with the client, your consultants are well taken care of by our employees.

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Supplier portal


Supplier portal: Simple administration and overview

As a partner, you can access the supplier portal. The web-based module provides complete transparency, control, and an overview of your areas of expertise, and you can create profiles on all your consultants.