Managed Services

Development, support and operation

We hear you

One size does not fit all

By truly understanding the nature of your challenges and business, we customize our Managed Services, enabling us to deliver real results.

We know no two problems are the same.

Customized service

What is your challenge?

We focus our managed services within three areas.

Qvalify ISO 14001

Application development services

Development and maintenance of business applications, web/mobile applications, and services. From fixed projects to continuous development of internal applications and enterprise solutions on-premise or in the cloud.

Qvalify ISO 14001

Application support services

Pure support and maintenance of systems, and services. From legacy systems to business-critical applications where business disruption should be avoided.

Qvalify ISO 14001

Technical operational services

Operational management and support of infrastructure assets e.g. networking, processing, and storage capabilities that business services depend on.

How it works

A 360 service - We take full ownership and responsibility

You can rely on us to get the job done. We take full ownership of all the components of our managed services, ensuring that you can rest assured that your service or application are in safe hands, enabling you to free up time and put your focus somewhere else.


What you get



Outcome guaranteed by SLA


Free up inhouse resources


Access know-how within a specific domain or area


Risk is assumed and managed by emagine


Scalability & flexibility

   What’s your challenge?

Let us know about the challenges you face and needs you have. We are curious to learn more about you.